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Public Address System | Products Catalogue


Last updated on 17 May 2009


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1. Plena Power Amplifier



LBB 190x/10 and LBB 191x/10 Plena Mixer Amplifiers

LBB 193x/x0 Plena Power Amplifier
LBB 1920/00 Plena Universal Pre-Amplifier
LBB 1925/10 Plena System Pre-Amplifier
LBB 1938/20 Plena Power Amplifier
2. Call Station


LBB 1946/00 Plena 6-zone Call Station
LBB 1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call station
LBB 1965/00 Plena Message Manager
LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller
LBB 1992/00 Plena Voice Alarm Router
3. Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems


4. Microphone


LBB 1950/10 Plena Tabletop Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
LBB 9080/00 Omni-Directional Dynamic Hand-Held Microphone
5. BGM Source


LBB 1961/00
6. Speaker


LBC 340x/16 Horn Loudspeakers

LBC 3094/15 Sound Projector

LBC 3200/00 Line Array Indoor Loudspeaker

LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker

LBC 3201/00 Line Array Indoor Loudspeaker

LBC 34xx/12 Horn Loudspeakers

LBC 340x/15 Horn Loudspeakers

LHM 0606/10 Ceiling Loudspeaker

7. LBN 900x/00 Driver Units




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